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“I’m wishing you blessings and joy this Christmas. I am so happy to call you a member of my family and I cherish spending time with you.”.


History Of St.Sebastian's Central College Katuneriya

The history of St.sebastian's Central College,Katuneriya has begun at the end of nineteenth century. The foundation stone was laid in 1881 and started with St.sebastian'church by the presets as a Boys' School the first head master was Mr.Silvesthri, who came from pallansena,Kochchikade. Later,there was a Girls' school in front of the church and they were overlook by catholic church. In 1910, a permanat building was esfablished to the shape of the letter'E'which is still occupies.In 1920 and 1937 another two school building were added and it paved the way to improve the standerd of education. During the period of 31 years servise,as the principal of Mr.Poruthotage Oswald Fernando do the school became prominent in the area.He was the first trained teacher of the School In 1936, St.sebastian Central College won the first price for Music,Drama,ArtDrill and Handicrafts at All Island Educational Exhibition competition.Mr.Dankan White, the first Sri Lankan Olympic medal receiver, visited the school.four times in 1968,it became a Maha Vidyalaya and in 1970 it was taken over by the government and performed as a mixed 1970,two acres playground was enlarged by the acquistion of a propaty adjoining the School.In 1971,the school began to prepare students for G.C.E.(A/L) examination in Arts section.Eight candidates sat for the examination for the first time and five of the pupils were successful to enter the university.In 1977,Laxman Fernando won the first place for 1500m at all Island.In1983, the School started G.C.E(A/L) classes for Science and Comerce. Mr.Francil Anthony Dondinu(1981-1985) was a remarkable principal.He did a great a service to the School.He build the water tank,labortory and a building.The principal Mr.Marcus Fernando introdused The "Nathale Fair"to the school.Late minister Mr.Harald Herath and late prominent musician Mr.Tharsi Warnakulasooriya were past pupils osSt.sebastian Central College and it has Produced many Distiguished fingures. Today,the School is well equipped facilities such as a lecture hall,Science and computer labortories and Audio-visul room and the largest playground in the aria. Sports play a major part in St.sebastian Central College.English medium has been introduced to the School Since 2002. Now,the school stands prominent and flourishes in the area with 2000 pupils and 75 teachers.

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St.Sebastian's Central College Katuneriya


Katuneriya St.Sebastian'S Central College Started With St.Sebastian'S Church By the Preset in 1800s.There Was Girl's School in beach Side and Boy's School was Near The Church and Overlook by Catholic Church in 1970 it was Taken over by the goverment and Performed as mix School."Sadasarana Maha Vidyalaya became Central college in 90s then it's Changed name as St.Sebastian Central College .Now There are 1900 students and 75 teachersin our School.


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